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Road Milling teeth in Engineering Construction Performs Outstanding Quality and Sustainability, stability

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Kimberly offers a variety of road milling teeth to meet all your milling applications. We have specially developed KD104, KD102H, KD253, utilizing advanced facilities and Sandvik’s production technology. These product series are designed for cutting materials such as soft soil, hard asphalt, or concrete. The matched product codes enhance production efficiency and improve wear resistance and impact resistance during usage, thereby extending the lifespan of hard alloy cutting heads.

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1. Road Milling: Engineering construction milling teeth are commonly used for road milling operations, helping remove aging road materials to create a smooth foundation for new pavement.

2. Road Repairs: In cases of road repair, milling teeth are used to remove damaged road layers, preparing the surface for repair work.

3. Road Widening: In road widening projects, milling teeth are employed to cut and remove existing road surfaces, making space for new road structures.

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4. Pavement Leveling: Engineering construction milling teeth contribute to achieving pavement smoothness, ensuring driving comfort and safety.

5. Creating Slopes and Drainage: In road construction, milling teeth are used to create slopes and proper drainage, ensuring the functionality of the road drainage system.


1. Wear Resistance: Engineering construction milling teeth need to have excellent wear resistance as they must efficiently cut through hard road materials.
2. High Cutting Efficiency: Milling teeth should possess high cutting efficiency, swiftly removing road materials to enhance construction speed.
3. Stability: Milling teeth must maintain stability during high-speed rotation to ensure accurate and consistent cutting.

4. Self-Cleaning Capability: Good self-cleaning properties reduce debris buildup on milling teeth, maintaining cutting efficiency.

5. Adaptability: Milling teeth need to adapt to different types of road materials, including asphalt, concrete, and other composite materials.
In summary, engineering construction milling teeth play a critical role in road construction and maintenance, ensuring the quality and sustainability of road projects through their efficient cutting abilities and stability.


Material Information

Grades Density








Recommended Application
KD104 14.95 87.0 2500 It applied to Asphalt Pavement and Medium-Hard Rock Excavation Teeth, Exhibiting Exceptional Wear Resistance.
KD102H 14.95 90.5 2900 Suitable for Cement Pavement Milling and Excavation Machines in Harder Rock Layers, Possessing Remarkable Impact Resistance.
KD253 14.65 88.0 2800 Utilized for large-diameter down-the-hole drill bits in tough rock layers, tricone roller mining bits for moderately soft rock layers, with extended lifespan, as well as rolling alloys and disc cutter alloys for soft rock layers.

Product Specification

Type Dimensions
Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
KW185095017 18.5 17
KW190102184 19.0 18.4
KW200110220 20.0 22.0
Able to customize according to size and shape requirement
Type Dimensions
Diameter (mm) Height (mm)
KXW0812 8.0 12.0
KXW1217 12.0 17.0
KXW1319 13.0 19.0
KXW1624 16.0 24.0
KXW1827 18.0 27.0
Able to customize according to size and shape requirement

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