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Sand-Making Strips for Machining Stones & Rocks

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Kimberley’s sand strips are known for their strong wear resistance, excellent thermal stability, long lifespan, and high process efficiency. The classic grade KD303 has shown remarkable results in producing sand and gravel pieces and is commonly used in the gravel and sand production fields. Its features contribute to enhanced productivity in engineering and infrastructure construction. Compared to others in the industry, Kimberley’s sand strips exhibit outstanding wear resistance and stability.

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Gravel Production:
Hard alloy sanding strips are used in crushing machinery to help break down large chunks of rocks and ores into smaller gravel pieces, which are then used for construction, road building, and concrete manufacturing, among other purposes.

Sand Production:
In the production of sand and sandstone, hard alloy sanding strips are employed for grinding and processing raw materials, ensuring the production of sand that meets quality standards for use in concrete and construction projects.

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Exceptional Hardness:
Hard alloy sanding strips are made from high-hardness materials such as tungsten carbide, allowing them to handle tough rocks and ores.

Abrasion Resistance:
They possess outstanding wear resistance, enabling them to operate continuously under high-load and high-intensity working conditions, reducing the frequency of replacements.

High-Temperature Stability:
Hard alloy sanding strips maintain stable performance even in high-temperature environments, which can be crucial in the gravel and sand production processes.

Due to their wear resistance and durability, hard alloy sanding strips typically have a long service life, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Efficient Processing:
They can quickly and effectively process rocks and ores into the desired particle sizes, improving production efficiency.

In summary, hard alloy sanding strips play a critical role in gravel and sand production, with characteristics that enable them to handle hard materials and enhance production efficiency—a vital contribution to construction and infrastructure development.

Material Information

Grades Grain size (um) Cobalt(%) Density (g/cm³) TRS (N/mm²) Traits & Recommend Application
KZ303 8.0 10 14.45-14.6 ≥2700 Reinforced with polycrystalline compounds, excellent impact resistance, suitable for high-power sand-making machines to process 0-60mm hard rocks and high-hardness rocks."

Product Specification

Type L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) R
ZS2002713RX 200 27 13 1000
ZS1502513RX 150 25 15 900
Type L(mm) W(mm) H(mm) R
ZS2002713RX 105 20 10 3
ZS1502513RX 100 25 13 5

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