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The cemented carbide round bar is a material formed by sintering tungsten carbide powder and cobalt powder. This material boasts high hardness, excellent wear resistance, and outstanding corrosion resistance, leading to its widespread use across various fields. Kimberley has developed a series of products specifically for metal machining, including KB1004UF, KB2004UF, KB2502UF, KB4004UF, KB1006F, KB3008F, KB4006F, significantly enhancing wear resistance and impact resistance for the processed materials. Consequently, the lifespan of these tools is extended. Kimberly’s round bars come with robust technical support and comprehensive services in the metal cutting industry. Our products rank among the top five in China. We welcome collaboration from clients across different industries.

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Cutting Tools:
Hard alloy round bars find extensive use in the manufacturing of cutting tools such as blades, drill bits, and milling cutters. Their high hardness and wear resistance ensure tools remain sharp and efficient during cutting, milling, drilling, and other operations.

Mining and Drilling:
In the mining and oil drilling sectors, hard alloy round bars are utilized in creating drill bits and drilling equipment. They can endure the challenges of solid rocks and soils due to their strong wear resistance.

Ground carbide rods

Metal Processing:
Within the metal processing industry, hard alloy round bars can be employed to manufacture punch heads, molds, and other components that require wear resistance and high strength.

Woodworking Tools:
Hard alloy round bars are applied in woodworking tools such as saw blades and planer cutters. They effectively cut wood without losing sharpness easily.

In the aerospace field, hard alloy round bars are used to manufacture components for aircraft engines, spacecraft, and more, as they can operate in high-temperature and high-pressure environments.

Welding and Brazing Applications: Beyond the aforementioned applications, hard alloy round bars can serve as welding or brazing materials, facilitating the joining and repair of metal parts.

In conclusion, due to their exceptional qualities, hard alloy round bars are widely used in various fields. They excel in scenarios requiring wear resistance, high-temperature endurance, high strength, and hardness.



High Hardness: Hard alloy round bars exhibit remarkable hardness, enabling them to maintain extended lifespans in harsh environments while resisting abrasion and wear.

Excellent Wear Resistance: Thanks to their hardness, hard alloy round bars perform exceptionally well in high-wear conditions. This quality renders them valuable in applications requiring wear resistance, such as mining, drilling, and metal processing.

Corrosion Resistance: Hard alloy round bars often exhibit good resistance to corrosive mediums, making them valuable in chemical processing or corrosive environments.

High Strength: Due to their composition, hard alloy round bars generally possess high tensile and compressive strengths, suitable for applications that entail high loads.

High-Temperature Resistance: Even in high-temperature working environments, hard alloy round bars maintain stable performance, rendering them highly useful in high-temperature cutting and processing.

Material Information

Grades Grain size (um) Cobalt(%) Density (g/cm³) TRS (N/mm²)
KB1004UF 0.4 6 14.75 3000
KB2004UF 0.4 8.0 14.6 4000
KB2502UF 0.2 9.0 14.5 4500
KB4004UF 0.4 12 14.1 4000
KB1006F 0.5 6.0 14.9 3800
KB3008F 0.8 10.0 14.42 4000
KB4006F 0.6 12 14.1 4000

Product Specification

Type Diameter Length Chamfering
D Tolerance (mm) L Tol.(+/- mm)
Ø3.0x50 3.0 h5 h6 50 -0/+0.5 0.3
Ø4.0x50 4.0 h5 h6 50 -0/+0.5 0.4
Ø4.0x75 4.0 h5 h6 75 -0/+0.5 0.4
Ø6.0x50 6.0 h5 h6 50 -0/+0.5 0.4
Ø6.0x75 6.0 h5 h6 75 -0/+0.5 0.6
Ø6.0x100 6.0 h5 h6 100 -0/+0.5 0.6
Ø8.0x60 8.0 h5 h6 60 -0/+7.5 0.6
Ø8.0x75 8.0 h5 h6 75 -0/+7.5 0.8
Ø8.0x100 8.0 h5 h6 100 -0/+075 0.8
Ø10.0x75 10.0 h5 h6 75 -0/+075 0.8
Ø10.0x100 10.0 h5 h6 100 -0/+075 1.0
Ø12.0x75 12.0 h5 h6 75 -0/+075 1.0
Ø12.0x100 12.0 h5 h6 100 -0/+075 1.0

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