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Our company has independently developed the excellent grades of KD102, KD102H, and KD05, specifically designed for the application of down-the-hole drill bits in soft rock and medium-hard rock formations. We have introduced raw materials from a German tungsten carbide manufacturer. Compared to domestic high-quality materials, this tungsten carbide material excels in terms of grain size distribution, impurity control, crystal morphology, and various technical parameters. Through a series of optimizations, our hard alloy products not only outperform competitors in wear resistance but also show significant improvements in impact rebound resilience and resistance to thermal fatigue. After extensive customer comparisons, they have demonstrated outstanding performance when used in challenging mining conditions with hard rock formations and complex geological structures.

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1. Mining excavation teeth are used on equipment such as excavators and loaders to dig soil, ore, and rocks.
2. On machines like crushers and hydraulic hammers, mining excavation teeth are used to crush large rocks or ore for further processing.
3. Mining excavation teeth are typically used on mining machinery and scraper conveyors to continuously collect and transport ore.
4. Some mining excavation teeth are suitable for drilling equipment used in blasting or geological exploration.



Mining excavation teeth are tools used in mining operations, typically employed for tasks such as digging, crushing, and extracting ores, rocks, and soil. These teeth are designed with specific features and functionalities to adapt to various mining environments and task requirements.

1. Mining excavation teeth encounter a variety of hard ores and rocks during operations, often requiring high wear resistance.
2. They must possess sufficient strength and durability to withstand high impacts and pressures.
3. Mining excavation teeth require good cutting capability to effectively slice and crush materials.
4. During mining processes, teeth may be subjected to shocks and vibrations. Having some shock-absorbing capability can extend their lifespan.
5. Mining environments can generate high temperatures, so alloy teeth should have some degree of high-temperature resistance.
6. The size and shape of the teeth are customized according to specific equipment and tasks to achieve optimal performance and efficiency.



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The design of mining excavation teeth requires a careful balance of various factors to ensure efficient operation and durability in harsh mining environments. Different types of bucket teeth serve specific purposes in mining tasks, so when selecting and designing mining excavation bucket teeth, practical operational needs and environmental conditions must be considered.

Kimberley Alloy Products boast strong technical expertise and a complete Sandvik process. The company is renowned for its consistently reliable quality and excellent performance in the field of geological alloy ball teeth, positioning Kimberley Alloy Products among the top three in domestic quality.

Kimberley Alloy Products have a short production cycle in the hard alloy field and provide robust technical support services. The company possesses substantial technical capabilities that set it apart from its peers, enabling the development and continuous improvement of products based on customer needs, along with comprehensive technical guidance for customers.

We are the third domestic enterprise to deeply cultivate and possess strong technical support in the high air pressure alloy field, with our products widely used globally.We are the third domestic enterprise to deeply cultivate and possess strong technical support in the high air pressure alloy field, with our products widely used globally.


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Material Information

Grades Density(g/cm³) Hardness(HRA) TRS(MPa) Traits & Recommend Application
KD102 14.93 > 89.5 ≥2500 Applied to low air pressure down-the-hole drill bit teeth for medium-soft rock formations, and small-diameter thermally inserted or cold-pressed tapered connection drill bit teeth for medium-hard rock formations.
KD102H 14.95 > 89.5 ≥2900 High-pressure down-the-hole drill bits and hydraulic threaded drill bits with teeth are respectively suitable for hard and extremely hard rock formations.
KD05 14.95 > 89.5 ≥2900 Suitable for high wind pressure borehole drilling and hydraulic threaded drill bits in hard, firm rock formations, with good comprehensive properties such as product toughness, wear resistance, and excellent performance in various complex rock formations."

Product Specification

Type Dimensions
Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Radius (mm)
SQ0812 8.20 12.00 4.3
SQ0913 9.20 14.00 4.7
SQ1014 10.20 15.00 5.2
SQ1116 11.20 16.00 6.0
SQ1217 12.20 17.00 6.6
SQ1318 13.20 20.00 6.7
SQ1419 14.20 20.00 7.3
SQ1621 16.30 21.00 8.7
SQ1826 18.30 26.00 9.3
Able to customize according to size and shape require
Type Dimensions
Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Angle (a.)
SZ0812 8.20 12.20 58˚
SZ1015 10.20 15.20 55˚
SZ1217 12.20 17.20 55˚
SZ1318 13.20 18.20 55˚
SZ1419 14.20 19.20 55˚
SZ1520 15.30 20.30 55˚
Able to customize according to size and shape require
Type Dimensions
Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Crest Heigh (mm)
SD0711 7.20 11.00 3.90
SD0812 8.20 12.00 4.50
SD0913 8.20 13.00 5.00
SD1015 10.20 15.00 5.30
SD1116 11.20 16.00 5.90
SD1217 13.30 17.00 7.30
SD1319 13.20 19.00 6.50
SD1422 14.30 22.00 7.30
Able to customize according to size and shape require

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Kimberly Carbide possesses formidable technological prowess and a complete Three-Dimensional Vic Process. The company's products are known for their stable and dependable quality, along with excellent performance. In the realm of geological alloyed ball teeth, Kimberly Carbide ranks among the top three domestically in terms of product quality.

With a brief production cycle, Kimberly Carbide offers robust technical support services in the field of hard alloys. The company boasts significant technological strength that distinguishes it from its counterparts, enabling it to develop and continually enhance products in response to customer demands, offering comprehensive technical guidance to clients.

We are the third domestic enterprise to firmly establish ourselves in the high wind pressure alloy sector, with our products finding extensive application across the world.

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