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Zhuzhou Kimberly Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd. (abbr. as KIMBERLY CARBIDE), located in Zhuzhou, the heart of China's cemented carbide industry, is a high-tech enterprise that integrates research, design, production, and comprehensive carbide solutions. The company employs cutting-edge international carbide production processes and boasts advanced production, research, and testing equipment, including tilting grinding ball-mills, closed spray drying towers, TPA automatic press machines, high pressure dewaxing and sintering furnaces, metallographic microscopes, cantilever ball mill test instrument, and PS21 experimental pressure machine.

Kimberly Company is backed by a formidable research and development team led by top experts in the cemented carbide industry. Its key technical personnel have nearly 20 years of management experience in cemented carbide. Since its inception, the company has been granted seven utility model patents, filed for three invention patents, and been granted one invention patent. In 2019, our company was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, and in 2021, we were honored as a new materials enterprise in Hunan Province. Our high-pressure rock drilling tooth carbide and ultra-coarse grain cutting tooth carbide products, known for their outstanding quality and performance, have gained recognition and praise from industry-leading customers.

With the guiding principle of "Technology Leading, Customer First," our company is dedicated to the production and development of rock drilling tooth carbides, engineering machinery cutting tooth carbides, and abrasion-resistant carbides for rock crushing. We are committed to providing high-quality cemented carbide products and delivering top-notch tungsten carbide solutions to clients worldwide.

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Kimberly mission is to be a global leader in the cemented carbide industry, delivering innovative and high-quality solutions to our valued customers. Located in the heart of China's cemented carbide industry, we are committed to excellence in research, design, and production, offering comprehensive carbide solutions that exceed industry standards.

We are guided by the principles of 'Technology Leading, Customer First,' and our dedication is evident in every aspect of our business. With cutting-edge international carbide production processes, state-of-the-art equipment, and a formidable research and development team, we continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in the carbide industry.

Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our numerous patents and industry recognitions, including being recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a new materials enterprise in Hunan Province. Our high-pressure rock drilling tooth carbide and ultra-coarse grain cutting tooth carbide products set the benchmark for quality and performance, earning the trust and praise of industry-leading customers worldwide.

At KIMBERLY CARBIDE, our goal is clear: to provide top-notch tungsten carbide solutions that empower our customers' success. We take pride in our role as a trusted partner, ensuring that our customers have access to the highest-quality cemented carbide products available.

With unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence, we are shaping the future of the cemented carbide industry, one innovative solution at a time.

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Member of National Association for Drilling Steeland Tool Industry.

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Member of National Aggregate Stone Association

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Cemented Carbide Producers Association

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Our company has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.

Our company has been recognized as a provincial-level new materials enterprise.

Our company has successfully registered the “Kimberly" product trademark.

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State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Kimberly Carbide boasts an advanced and state-of-the-art production line, encompassing cutting-edge technologies such as a sloping ball mill, spray dry tower, TPA automatic press, HIP sintering furnace, PS21 pre-production test system, and a comprehensive suite of quality control and analysis instruments. This sophisticated infrastructure ensures the manufacturing of carbide products that exceed industry standards.

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Expert Team

The core strength of Kimberly Carbide lies in its exceptional team of professionals. Comprising individuals with doctorates and over 20 years of experience in the carbide domain, the team drives the company's innovation and success. As of May 2022, Kimberly Carbide holds an impressive portfolio of 7 utility model patents, 3 invention patents, and 1 authorized invention patent, a clear reflection of its commitment to pushing the boundaries of carbide technology. Recognitions as "China National High-Tech Enterprise" in 2019 and "China New Material Enterprise" in 2021 further highlight the company's influence and impact.

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Exemplary Products

Kimberly Carbide's reputation is solidified by its exceptional products. The High Pressure Carbide Buttons designed for DHT bits and super coarse grain carbide inserts tailored for roadheader picks have garnered praise from esteemed clients for their unparalleled quality and performance. These products exemplify Kimberly Carbide's dedication to producing solutions that excel in even the most demanding applications. Notably, the quality of Kimberly Carbide's products ranks an impressive "Rank 2" among carbide manufacturers in China, underscoring the company's commitment to superior quality.



Specializing in mining, excavating, construction, and Gas & Oil field carbide tools, Kimberly Carbide pledges the finest quality and service to its global clientele.
The company's commitment to rapid responses, competitive pricing, and a customer-centric approach cements its position as a reliable partner in various industries across the globe.

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